Photo Print Contest

International will be here before we know it! Get your best 8×10 photos ready for the Photo Print Contest. As always, these photos will be judged by professional photographers NOT by WBCCI members, so bring your best game!

1. The Northwest – What best depicts the NW to you? Rural landscape, mountains, the magnificient Oregon coast line? It’s your choice.
2. Caravans, Rallies & International – Airstreams & members on the move.
3. Reflections – On water, Airstreams, glass, mirrors, metals, etc.
4. Show your American pride – Flags, eagles, veterans, etc
5. Your favorite/outstanding photo of the year – This categorgy is wide open.

Rules for the Photo Print Contest
1. Open to all WBCCI members, family members or guests attending the 2018 International Rally.
2. Previous WBCCI Photo Print Contest winning photos are not eligible.
3. Print size is 8×10 ONLY. Any other size will not be eligible for judging. Photos MAY NOT be matted or framed. PLEASE NOTE, THESE ARE CHANGES TO PAST CONTEST RULES.
4. No more than 2 prints per person per category may be entered.
5. No identifying personal information on the front of the photo.
6. Photographer’s name, phone number and WBCCI# must be on the back of each photo entered.
7. Entrants are responsible for picking up their photos after the contest ends.

With so many talented photographers in WBCCI I am certain the contest will be another great success. Thank you!
Questions? Please private message me.
Jane #4544