Volunteers Needed!

Volunteering at the International Rally is a fun way to meet new friends.  You don’t have to know anything about the committee to help out.  If you see something that interests you, contact the committee chair and get signed up.  The following Committees need help in Salem:

Band – Barbara Lambrecht   bglambrecht@utep.edu
Cargo – Gary Shelton    macdgary69@icloud.com
Club Store – Mike Zimmermann    zimm3350@gmail.com
Games (need Chairperson) – Barry Bell     vp1@wbcci.net
Member Services – Betty Foley      bettyjayfoley@gmail.com
Presentation Helper – Carolyn Beardshear    cbshear@gmail.com
Property Control – Jim Kubalic      j.kubalic70@gmail.com
Sanitation – Wilfred Schexnayder      corv1990@eatel.net
Sign Shop – Pete Schwarz    jascombe@gmail.com
Tables & Chairs – Jeannie Scheitler   1tinkerbell6@gmail.com

If you are willing to volunteer, please contact the chairman by email or Julie at Jrethman@wbcci.org or call Headquarters at 937-596-5211.

There will also be a Volunteer sign-up table located at the Member Services desk at the rally in Salem.