Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the facilities at Salem? Hookups are 30amp & water for 600 sites. Also will offer solar and personal generator camping areas. The rally plans pump outs for all registered rigs. There are numerous very clean and well-maintained buildings for the Rally. You can see the buildings list and features on the Salem Fair & Expo website here.

2. How early can caravans come in? The Club’s Caravan Standing Committee Chairman and the Rally’s Parking Chairman will coordinate arrivals to balance each parking day’s workload for the best member experience. General parking is Wednesday June 20 through Saturday June 23, 2018. The Rally’s first scheduled event is the Vintage Parade at 1 p.m. on Saturday June 23.

3. Whom do I contact regarding joining a caravan to Salem? Ask if your region or unit is planning a caravan to the 2018 Salem Rally. Maybe you’re the person to lead it? Jay Thompson, the Club’s Caravan Standing Committee Chairman, is the contact for requesting a caravan parking date. Jay requests that folks contact him after November 1, 2017 for information and dates for caravans into 2018 International Rally in Salem.

4. How do we register for the 2018 Salem International Rally? Registration for the 2018 Salem International Rally is available online at

5. Can I park with my buddy? The parking team will make every effort to park you with your friends if you arrive together. Please plan to meet offsite and caravan to the grounds together.

6. We’re traveling together in one Airstream but have two membership numbers. Are we eligible for two entries in the drawings and two discounts? Yes, one person should register with an RV on site with one adult, and the other as “no RV on site and one adult”.

7. How often are they going to pump-out our waste tanks? We plan to pump rigs on 4-day intervals.

8. Do I have to help or be there for my pump-out? No, but if your valves are inside a compartment, leave that compartment open on pump day to speed up the process. Also, provide a clear path for the sanitation crew to get to your service access point. If the sanitation team cannot access your valves or access point, you will not be pumped that day.

9. Is there a dump station where I can do it myself, so it’s more frequent? There is a dump station on the rally grounds. Transporting your waste in a tote (blue boy) to the dump station is the recommended procedure if you need shorter than a four-day interval. You would need to bring a blue boy to do this.

10. Are there bathrooms/shower houses near dry camping areas? There are bathroom/shower facilities located within several hundred yards of dry camping and Vintage camping areas.

11. When will the rally agenda be ready for viewing? We plan to announce the rally preliminary agenda to all registrants no later than February 2018.

12. For members parking offsite, how do I check in? The first time you enter the rally grounds, please enter through the parking staging (bullpen) area. Follow the WBCCI signs with arrow.  The signs do not specifically say “Bull Pen.”  We’ll welcome you, provide information you need, and help you get on board for the rally.

13. For members parking offsite, will I be able to park my vehicle that I drive to and from the rally close to the rally activities? There is vehicle parking within a few hundred feet of the main assembly building during the rally. There will also be shuttle carts running during events to move people from camping areas to the main buildings.

14. How can I volunteer for a committee? Committees seeking volunteers will post their needs in News & Views and the Blue Beret in upcoming months. We encourage you to contact a committee that has asked for assistance.

15. How may I sign up to present a seminar at the rally? Members interested in presenting a topic may contact Carolyn at

16. Does handicap parking guarantee me a site in the water/electric camping area? No. The site offers 600 water/electric sites. Any member with documented special needs will be parked in a Handicapped section of the fairgrounds, whether water/electric or solar or generator.

17. Will being an International, Region or Unit Officer give me a priority with registration? All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

18. Do Rally Committee Chairmen or volunteers get priority with registration? All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

19. Why are these rallies arranged with a limited number of camp sites? There is a limited number and distribution of appropriate large Rally sites. The Club’s search for Rally sites is guided by members’ needs and wishes for RV sites with utilities. The Club has expanded efforts to find and vet appropriate sites across the North American continent.

20. Do I have to park on my parking date? Please plan to arrive on your parking date, if at all possible. The rally staff will make every effort to accommodate members who arrive earlier or later than their assigned parking date.

21. Can I park on the fairgrounds before the rally begins? The rally cannot arrange any pre-rally parking. There are numerous campgrounds in the Salem area.

22. What do I do if I arrive after hours? If you come to the rally after hours, follow the signs to the parking staging area (bullpen) and park. Do not unhitch as you will be parked as soon as the parkers return the next morning. Please be ready to park when the parkers arrive.

23. Can I register for water, pump-out & generator and get on the standby list? Members who paid for solar or generator as well as those who only want water/electric will be on the standby list. The lowest number on the standby list will receive first option on any water/electric sites available.

24. Do you supply a generator or do I need to bring one? The rally does not supply generators for personal use in generator parking. If you want to purchase a portable generator, we highly recommend you consider an inverter-type generator.

25. Is my generator required to meet “quiet generator” standards? Personal generators at the Salem Rally must be inverter-type (e.g., Honda EU2000i, Yamaha EF1000iS, Yamaha EF2000iS). Your neighbors will appreciate a quiet generator and you will too.

26. Is there free Wi-Fi at the fairgrounds? There is limited Wi-Fi in the main assembly hall, the exhibitor hall, and the presentations building. Verizon cellular service to the rally site is excellent.

27. Are there activities for the children? The rally will have activities planned for youth and children. The cost is included in their rally fee.

28. May we attend the entire rally without having our Airstream parked on site? Yes, you may register for the rally without paying any camping fee. The cost is $110 per adult and $40 per youth (13 yrs – 17 yrs).

29. Since I can only come for a few days, is there a daily rate? Day pass attendees may attend all events on the calendar day they have paid for. The guests and members day pass is $20 per day for 18 years and older. Children and youth day passes are free but children/youth activities may require a small fee.

30. What if I want to just attend the International Board or Trustees and/or Delegates seminar/meeting? Current members may attend any club business meeting at no charge. To attend any additional events, you must pay the day pass fee.

Remember to bring:
50’ of water hose
Water hose “Y” (connectors without valves are best)