Willamette Art Center Offerings

Special Airstream Class Offerings
Located on the Oregon State Fairgrounds

Make Something!
That is our motto and our mission, to provide a fun, creative place for all ages and experience levels to explore the arts. Join us at the Willamette Art Center at the North end of the fairgrounds. Our outstanding instructors will be on hand to guide you on your art adventure.

Clay Handbuilding: a mug or vase
With instructor guidance, you will use a variety of techniques and texture mats and stamps to create a unique mug or vase. In the second session, you will glaze the piece so it is ready to fire.
Monday and Thursday—June 25 & 28 Time: 10:00—11:00
Cost: $30 Supplies included.

Majolica Ceramic Painting Class
Choose a pot, glaze it, and we will fire it. It will be ready for pick up in 2-3 days. No experience necessary.
Monday—June 25 Time: 1:00—3:00 pm
Cost: from $10 to $35 per item. Supplies and firing included.

Raku Glazing and Firing Class
Choose a pot, glaze it, and you can watch our Raku firing team fire it.  It is ready to take away in about an hour.  Enjoy the transformation from dull glaze to shiny, shimmering color. This is an extremely popular art experience.
Tuesday—June 26 Time: 10:00—12:00+ (as needed)
Cost: from $5 to $35 per item.

Acrylic Pouring Class: Very Popular!
Experience today’s hottest trend in art. Pour paint on canvas, and watch the colors form, flow and come alive! No artistic talent required. Bring an oversized shirt or apron to protect your clothing. Come play in the paint and get your mess on!
Tuesday—June 26 Time: 10:00—1:00 pm
Cost: $35.00 Supplies included.

Beginning Watercolor
Whether you are new to watercolor or skilled in other mediums, you will find the beauty of watercolors one that cannot be denied or ignored. Delicacy, transparency, imagination, all flow and dissolve into one fluid creation. Unlike other painting mediums, painting with watercolors offers a unique creative freedom.
Wednesday—June 27 Time: 10:00—12:00
Cost: $20 Supplies Included

Open Studio: for Wheel-throwing or Hand building with Clay
Do you have clay experience? Come into the studio any time, buy a Day Pass and throw on the wheel or hand build using our tools. If you come early in the week, we will bisque fire your work. Return another day to glaze and prep your piece for the second firing.
Cost: $12 per day
A small fee is charged for clay and firing.

2330 17th Street NE, Salem OR 97301  (503) 365-3911  www.willametteartcenter.com